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Resharp Center

Providing cutting tool that achieve to the specifications of a new cutting tool for a portion of the cost is always a great decision when saving money is extremely important. AC Drills performs this resharp service better than any other shop. We listen to our customers requirements and responding immediate and switch to changes in the industry, AC Drills will remain to provide the superior service to resharp our customers’ cutting tools.

Reconditioning of drills, reamers, end mills, taps of high speed, cobalt, and carbide cutting tools.

Our expert engineers utilize CNC precision machinery to take care of each customers individual requirements. AC Drills uses state-of-the-art inspection equipment assures a reliable, high quality product on every order.

Our Resharpening Services Include the following but are not limited to:

- End Mills
- Ball Nose End Mills
- End Mills with Special Radius
- Drills
- Special Step Drills
- Milling Cutters
- Reamers
- Tapered Tools
- Taps
- Form Tools
- Gun Drills
- Specials Per Print

Drill Points

- Mitsubishi
- Sumitomo
- Seco
- CJT Kool-Carb
- Hertel
- Guhring
- Delta
- Precision Dormer
- And Many More